What truly drives employee engagement?

As HR professionals we know that when employees are engaged they are more productive and less likely to leave.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to find an easy and cost effective way to increase your employee engagement improving productivity and significantly reducing the time and money spent recruiting and training new team members.

But the question is, what truly drives employee engagement?

Peakon’s research shows us that Organisational Fit is one of the most important drivers of female employee engagement and almost twice as important to them as it is to a male employee.

But how do we achieve high organisational fit?

By introducing corporate events and benefits which signal to female employees that they “fit” or belong we can quickly achieve high levels of organisational fit without breaking the budget.

Of course we always want to launch popular and cost effective office perks, but whether to choose office manicures or other corporate wellbeing services is a tough task! This is why we have produced a quick read of our comprehensive survey of London professional women.

Request our survey results quick read to find out what thousands of professional London women want to see in their offices

At MILK we are passionate about employee benefits programmes. We love working with our clients to design in office Wellbeing Programmes which perfectly support their HR objectives.

We work with you to understand your business and employee wellbeing goals. We will recommend, design and launch a package that fits your corporate culture and budget.

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